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It's time to elect a true conservative to the Colorado Senate and bring a fresh approach to upholding the CONSERVATIVE VALUES of Northern Colorado!

I'm running to protect Colorado from the lunacy of the progressive Democrats who are on a mission to turn Colorado into "Colofornia".

I WILL VOTE to stop illegal immigration, protect property rights, parental rights, small businesses, the oil, gas, agriculture and livestock industries, defend law enforcement and protect life.  I WILL NOT vote to raise taxes or take away our 1st or 2nd Amendment rights.  That's my promise to you.

  I stand for fiscal responsibility in our government and protecting our Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR).

  I stand for STRONG BORDERS and  I support LEGAL IMMIGRATIONOpen borders are detrimental not only to the citizens of this country but also to the people who are making their way into our country.  The immoral realities of human, sex and drug trafficking must be stopped and closing our borders must be done.

  I support LAW  & ORDER and I believe that law enforcement is crucial to society.  I support the justice system prioritizing the protection of victims over criminals.

  I will always protect the sanctity of life at every stage.  I believe in protecting the most vulnerable in our society, from the youngest to the oldest.

  I wholeheartedly advocate for freedoms as guaranteed by the US Constitution.  This includes the 1st Amendment and the protection of our Freedom of Religion and our Freedom of Speech. Every citizen has the right to practice or not practice a religion and to speak freely whether you’re online, in public or sitting in a council meeting.

  I believe in the 2nd AMENDMENT and I understand what the term “shall not be infringed” truly means.  Citizens have the right to protect their lives and their property and I will stand strong to protect our 2A rights.

Natalie's Vision for Colorado

Senate District 23

SD-23 is a fairly large district that covers as far south as Erie and as far north as Wellington. Take a look at the map below to see the SD-23 boundaries.

Colorado SD-23

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June 25, 2024
Committee to Elect Natalie Abshier
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