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My Vision for Colorado

Over the past decade we've seen a decline in our quality of life due to progressive policies that continue to fail the people of this state.  As a conservative and an optimist, I believe the best is yet to come for Colorado.


  Legal Immigration is Humane Immigration

The U.S. has immigration laws in place for people who come here to build a better life for themselves.  Open borders are detrimental not only to the citizens of this country but also to the people who are making their way into  our country.  Human, sex and drug trafficking endangers  men, women and children by cartels and the bad actors who support open borders has led to death of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of innocent human beings.

In 2020, we had the safest borders in decades.  Since 2021, Democrats have decided that current laws don't apply and instead demand open borders so they can ensure a new voting base for decades to come while also driving wages lower so the working class is destroyed.

I don't support sanctuary cities, counties or states as it is detrimental and financially irresponsible to the people whose lives are negatively impacted by the financial and social burdens placed on those communities.  I fully support the enforcement of our immigration laws and making sure people who want to come into this country do so lawfully.

Crime & Safety

 Law & Order

Stop treating victims as criminals and criminals as victims.

I believe every U.S. citizen has the right to feel safe, both at home and abroad.  I support law enforcement and making sure our criminal justice system protects the victims of crime and not the criminals.  Feeling safe at home and away from home is a human right.  Crime across Colorado is up yet Democrats are trying to strip honest citizens from their right to protect themselves and their families while letting criminals roam free.  I fully support law enforcement to keep our communities safe and making sure victim rights are protected.

1st Amendment

Freedom of SpeechFree Speech is Vital to a Functioning Nation

I wholeheartedly advocate for freedom as guaranteed by the US Constitution.  This includes the 1st Amendment protection of our freedom to practice or not practice a religion and the freedom of speech whether you’re online, in public or sitting in a council meeting.  Practice your religion, say what you believe and do not be afraid of those who stand in opposition.

2nd Amendment

 Shall Not Be Infringed

I believe in the 2nd Amendment and I understand what the term “shall not be infringed” truly means. Those who use fear to strip honest citizens of the God-given rights to defend themselves will face strong opposition from me.  I will always vote to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and won't pander to those who believe differently.

Property Rights

Property Rights Property rights are under attack in Colorado

Over-zealous Democrats have made property taxes much too high in Colorado. Prop HH was rightfully rejected in 2023, but Democrat legislators called a special session to address the rejection and figure out how to increase property taxes anyway.  I will work to stop the out-of-control Democrats from attacking personal property rights in Colorado.

Zoning laws are changing the landscape of Colorado - we must reign in the overzealous zoning laws and protect our property values.

Seniors who have lived in their home ten years or more should be automatically enrolled in the Senior Property Tax Reduction program without having to apply for it.  County records already know who owns a property and how long they've owned it.  Seniors who own their home shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get a property tax reduction they qualify for.


  Education Choice is a Right

Every student deserves to receive an excellent education.  Parents must be able to educate their children by methods they feel are right for their family, whether that’s public, charter, private or home schooling.  Public schools must not be controlled by teacher's unions who care more about protecting the educational complex than improving student test scores.

The bar for educational achievement must be set higher so students can receive a quality education that includes focus of core curriculums that include math, science, writing, history, etc.  Every student must have the education to become a productive member of society, regardless of going on to college or learning a trade or vocation.

Sanctity of Life

  I Support Life at All Stages

The negative socio-economic effects of unlimited abortions, like we have in Colorado, are  detrimental to society as a whole.  For decades, organizations like Planned Parenthood and it's affiliates, have disproportionally targeted those who are the most marginalized, especially the black, brown and low income communities.

Did you know there are approximately 1,000,000 abortions performed in the U.S. every year?  Sadly, more black babies have been aborted since 1973 than the entire black population in the U.S. in 1960.  Reducing marginalized populations via genocide by abortion is not only morally wrong, it's caused long-term harm to marginalized communities for generations to come. 

Due to Colorado's extreme abortion laws, our state has become an abortion travel destination which has caused a backlog for demand.  Millions of young women have been told abortion is another form of birth control and even worse, that abortion is healthcare. Human life must be protected at all stages, from the very youngest to the oldest. 

Immeasurable damage has been done to women, families and societal structure over the last decades.  We’ve encouraged women to climb the corporate ladder and having a child and building a family is a secondary, less important goal.  As a woman and a successful entrepreneur, I tell all women that “having it all” is an notion that brings a lot of stress and anxiety and it’s okay to have children and be home with them while they grow up. We must encourage women that it's their right and privilege to have children and we must increase support adoption, foster care and family support for those who want to build families and help children in need.

Once elected, I commit to sponsoring two bills to protect human life:

  • Require every women's health or medical center to provide information about all options women have when pregnant or when considering becoming pregnant, this will include medical and adoption services.
  • Provide access to Safe Haven Baby Boxes throughout Colorado to help save the lives of innocent babies whose mothers cannot care for their infant, without penalizing the mother.


Oil & Gas Industry Drill, Baby, Drill!

I will always work to protect the Colorado oil and gas industry as it's so very vital to Colorado’s and the nation's economic future.  A thriving oil & gas industry help keep energy prices lower while creating jobs and a strong economy in Colorado. I support state and local ballot initiatives that promote a positive Colorado economy. While I believe there should be choices for what types of energy we use, I oppose measures that will limit our ability to produce oil & gas and/or harm Colorado’s economy and way of life.  We can not be a state or a nation that depends on solar, wind power and other green energy as the only options for energy.  We should be able to choose how and where we get our energy from.


 Colorado Feeds the Nation

Colorado contributes significantly to the economy of the country.  Our multi-billion agricultural and cattle industries support local communities throughout the state, creates jobs and generates billions of dollars in revenue for our state and the country.

In Weld County, the majority of land is devoted to raising livestock and farming.  Because of it's right-to-farm policies, Weld County is a strong contributor to the economy of the state and the nation. Without reserve, I will always vote to protect Colorado's agriculture and livestock industries.


Fair Elections Free and Fair Elections

Elections are central to a properly functioning Constitutional Republic.  Because we elect candidates who are supposed to represent us, it's vital we have confidence in the election process.  Only U.S. citizens should be able to vote in any election regardless of whether the election is local, state or national. Non-citizens should have NO right to vote until they become citizens.  Voters shouldn't face fear or intimidation when voting.  I support paper ballots, signature verification and I.D. verification as the bare minimum to ensure election integrity.

Contrary to what the person current holding the position of Colorado Secretary of State thinks, all registered voters have the right to question the fairness of elections, this includes holding meetings, having public rallies and events and accessing election data.  Fair elections maintain voter confidence in the process of choosing who will represent them.  A fair election is one that allows every registered voter to vote, knowing that their vote is actually counted and the results are provided within hours of the polls closing, not days and weeks which is what is happening in Colorado and throughout the country.

LGBTQ Issues

 Be LGBTQ Happy and Let Kids be Kids

Whether straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, binary, or non-binary or anything in between,  every adult should be able to be happy in how their choose to live their lives.  Adults can live their lives how they see fit as long as they're not infringing on the rights of others.

Children deserve the opportunity to grow up in a supportive environment and enjoy their childhood.  They should strive to be physically and mentally healthy and strive for happiness without being told that they were born in the wrong body, gender is subjective and their sexual preferences are determined at very early age.  Children shouldn't be forced or persuaded to make decisions that are above their maturity level and may negatively impact them for years to come.

Parents must be able to raise their children as they see best and not be emotionally coerced by outside influences by being told that if they don't let their child change genders their child may commit suicide.  Multiple studies show that gender affirming care is not healthy for children and can result in a lifetime full of medical treatments and mental health issues which can be extremely detrimental to the child and their family.  Once such study is the recently released Cass Review produced by Dr. Hilary Cass for the NHS in the United Kingdom which focuses on the complexity of issues related to child and adolescent gender identity support and care.

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