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Meet Natalie

If there's one word to describe me, I think it would be BOLD.  I'm not afraid to say what I believe and stand up for what I believe in.  You'll never have to wonder if I'm telling you one thing and acting (or voting) another way when no one is paying attention. 


I’m a Colorado native. I grew up in Berthoud and graduated from Northglenn High School. I furthered my education at Metro State, University of Colorado and Colorado Christian University. I’ve lived in Mead for 26 years.  I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, Jerry, for 28 years. We’ve raised our children in Colorado and we’re now watching our many grandkids grow up here as well.

As I’ve traveled throughout the country, I tell everyone I meet that there’s no better place to live in than Colorado. I look forward to being part of the change to bring sensible policies back to Colorado.

My Catholic faith is important to me. I volunteer at my church and try to live my faith everyday while knowing that I'm always a work in progress. Like everyone, I stumble but I continue my faith journey.


Over the past two decades as an entrepreneur, I built my career in the construction & technology industries and created two successful software companies that help to improve construction through the application of technology. I understand what it means to build a company, make payroll, pay taxes and deal with red tape in government.

To learn more about my adventures in construction technology, give a listen to this podcast interview on the Connected Construction podcast where I talked about my first startup, ConstructJob. It might make you laugh. 😆 

Connected Construction Podcast

My second tech startup was RADAR Construction Software was founded in 2015 and acquired in 2019. Similar to my first startup, it serves the technology needs of the construction industry.


From 2010-2014, along with my family, we created and operated a retail clothing store called the Dept of Clothing (D.O.C.), where we focused on providing opportunities for those needing a helping hand, not a hand-out. We created a clothing line from artwork provided to us by prison inmates.  I found some articles about it.

Media Archive about the D.O.C.:

Colorado Public Radio

Denver Post

Longmont Times Call


I currently serve as the Weld County GOP District Captain for the Carbon Valley Community and have seen first hand, the need for strong conservative leadership.  Along with my duties as District Captain, I also serve as a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) within my district.

  • As a campaign volunteer I've walked many neighborhoods in Weld County and spoken with residents regarding their concerns about the drastic, negative changes happening in Colorado due to policies implemented by the radical, progressive Democrats.
  • After the 2020 General Election, I worked as a canvassing volunteer to talk to voters in Boulder and Weld counties and talked to voters about their experiences voting in the 2020 election.
  • In 2021, I ran for school board in St. Vrain Valley School District which is located in the progressive stronghold of BOULDER COUNTY.   While I didn't win the election, I was proud to have gained 40% of the vote which is unheard of for a conservative running for office in Boulder County!

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