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I'm running for SD23 against "Republican" incumbent, Barbara Kirkmeyer, because of Ms. Kirkmeyer's dismal voting record.  Most people would agree that if you belong to a party, either Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc., you want your elected representives to represent your interests in the legislature.  Based on her voting record, Ms. Kirkmeyer doesn't respresent her Republican constituents unless it helps her politically.

Unlike my opponent, I'm not beholden to donors, PACs or Lobbyists.  I have no hidden agenda or ulterior motives, I simply want to Make Colorado Beautiful Again.  You'll never have to wonder if I'm telling you one thing and acting (or voting) another way when no one is paying attention.   When I take the oath of office, I'm making an oath to work for my employer, the people of Colorado.

Barb Kirkmeyer Despises the Will of the Voters

Ms. Kirkmeyer is backed by Ken Thiry who is funding a ballot measure being pursued for the November election that would ask voters to change Colorado’s state and federal elections to make it so candidates of all parties run against each other in the primaries, with the top four vote-getters advancing to a RANK CHOICE VOTING SYSTEM. The changes if approved, are similar to the system that’s now used in Alaska, would take effect in 2026. "$30,000 supporting state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer in her Senate District 23 primary"

Read more about Ken Thiry and his plot to change Colorado elections.

In 2023, Ms. Kirkmeyer tried to pass SB23-101 - Candidate Ballot Access for Primary Elections, a bill that would've eliminated the Caucus & Assembly process in Colorado, resulting in only allowing candidates to get on the ballot by gathering signatures on a petition.

Many candidates who go the petition route don't campaign or meet with voters. Instead they pay companies to gather signatures and "buy" their way on to the primary ballot.  I'm proud to be on the ballot because delegates at the Senate District 23 Assembly voted for me to be on the ballot. 

Thankfully, Ms. Kirkmeyer's anti-democratic bill died a well deserved death but that hasn't stopped her from taking money from Ken Thiry and trying again in the next legislative session.  It's for this and many other reasons,  Ms. Kirkmeyer has become a leader on the RINO Hall of Shame according to the Colorado RINO Watch website.

Barb Kirkmeyer's Super Awful, Blatantly Bad, Really Terrible Voting Record

Ms. Kirkmeyer a supposed Republican, has one of the worst voting records in the Colorado Senate and she's skimming the  bottom in the entire state legislature.  What does that mean? It means she votes with Democrats almost 50% of the time.  Ms. Kirkmeyer lies to her constituents by pretending to be a strong conservative simply to get elected.  It's about time someone called her out on her deception.

Don't take my word for it, you can see for yourself at

Barb Kirkmeyer is Left Leaning - Not a Conservative

Barb Kirkmeyer is not a ConservativeMs. Kirkmeyer leans more to the left on various issues. She's what I call a mushy Republican. Ms. Kirkmeyer is a middle of the road politician who veers to the left when the road gets bumpy.  She doesn't stand up for conservative values UNLESS she thinks it will help her politically.  I have a different view. I believe that if a person is elected by running as a conservative candidate, they should actually believe in conservative values.  HONESTY, it's not that hard.

Barb Kirkmeyer is Beholden to her PACs and Lobbyists

Ms. Kirkmeyer collects much of her campaign donations from lobbyists and political action committees.  Many of these represent left leaning causes, they support unions and many of the issues that the GOP doesn't support.  She is not a grassroots candidate who represents the will of her voters.  Per the Open Secrets website, The goal of much of the money that flows from political action groups (PACs) and lobbyists is for the purchase of INFLUENCE. Corporations and industry groups, labor unions, single-issue organizations and others spend billions of dollars each year to gain access to politicians, like Ms. Kirkmeyer, all in an attempt to influence their thinking and ultimately, their voting.  How can voters trust Ms. Kirkmeyer to vote according to their values when she's accepting donations from lobbyists and PACs who push their own political agendas?

Barb Kirkmeyer Co-Sponsors Property Tax Increases

Ms. Kirkmeyer recently co-sponsored and helped pass a property tax increase while trying to convince voters that it's really a tax decrease and it was the "responsible thing to do".  Horse hockey!  In reality, property tax rates go up under this bill and won't save Coloradoans any money.

According to Colorado Peak Politics, this legislation is a scam that will will cause property taxes to go up and it's real purpose is to try and convince voters to not pass a property tax cut and cap ballot measure this fall.  No amount of gaslighting from Ms. Kirkmeyer will convince tax payers that she's saving them money but, hey, she got her photo taken, once again, with Jared Polis.

Our family, like many families in Colorado, has been affected by terrible progressive policies over the past decade.  I'm running because I care about this state and the people in it.  I've lived here my whole life and I've raised my kids here.  The people of Colorado are suffering from high crime, illegal immigration, loss of parental rights, small business hardships and other over-reaching policies that the Democrats have passed into law.

I'm running to make positive change in Colorado, not to build a political career.

This isn't a fancy, professionally done video, but I hope it provides you a bit more information about me and why I'm running:

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